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Improve your WordPress SEO with WPMU DEV’s SmartCrawl

WordPress is a popular content management system that lets people make and run their own websites with ease. Search engine optimisation (SEO), which helps a site show up higher in search engine results, is one of the most important parts of a successful WordPress site. SmartCrawl is a tool that can help you improve SEO on WordPress.

SmartCrawl is a plugin that helps improve with search engine optimisation of a WordPress site in a number of ways. It has options for optimising the title and meta description of the site, making sitemaps, and setting up automatic sharing on social media. The plugin also comes with a keyword research tool that users can use to find the best keywords to use in their content.

One of SmartCrawl’s best features is that it can automatically make sitemaps and send them to search engines. This makes sure that search engines index all of a website’s pages, which makes it more likely that those pages will show up in search results. Also, the plugin makes it easy for users to set up redirects, which can improve the user experience and keep traffic from going away because of broken links.

SmartCrawl is also useful because it works well with popular SEO tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. This makes it easy for users to keep track of how their website does in search engine rankings and make any changes that are needed to improve those rankings. The plugin also has a lot of options for customisation, so users can change the settings to fit their own needs.

SiteCrawl comes loaded on Site Schema

Sites hosted with Site Schema enjoy the benefit of one of the best WordPress plugins for SEO. SmartCrawl is installed on all new sites and those migrated by default. No need to pay for other, lesser solutions

SmartCrawl is a powerful tool that can help WordPress users improve the SEO of their websites. With its many features and ability to work with popular SEO tools, it makes optimising a website for better search engine visibility easy and effective. SmartCrawl can help you get the most out of your website’s SEO, no matter how much you know about WordPress.

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