WordPress Advanced Backup

Advanced WordPress Backup

Back It Up

Don’t stake your business recovery plan on a plugin. We can customise a backup plan just for your business.


We’ll work with you to figure out the critical elements for your plan as well as the optimal frequency to keep your costs low.

  • Standup of Amazon S3 bucket for all backup storage
  • Establishing proper bucket permissioning to maintain security of backups
  • Create intuitive folder structure for all backups (whether daily, weekly or monthly)1
  • Configure AWS account for your business to access backups
  • Creation of new user in Identity & Access Management for backup sync function2 
  • Add AWSCLI to server and configure to use new IAM user
  • Scheduled cron to sync backups (whether daily, weekly or monthly) to S3 
  1. Folders will be date time named (i.e.: YYYYMMDD-hh:mm:ss)
  2. New IAM user will only have to S3 limited through account ID and secret

Does your WordPress deserve a better backup?

We’re ready to give you more!

Don’t stake your business recovery plan on a plugin! We can work with you to create the right plan that protects your critical elements & keeps your costs low.